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Gulfaar Recruitment and Management Services, LLC, an ISO 9001-2008 certified company. LLC was formed 10 years ago to deliver specialist business support services to employers by employing finest workforce to empower their business. Gulfaar Recruiting and Management Services LLC is focused on helping employers to maximize the capabilities of their workforce. At Gulfaar we understand the complexities of sourcing great people to join your organizational terms.We care a leading Recruitment Partner offering premium services to individuals as well as various organizations in India and G.C.C (Gulf Cooperation Council). Our expertise lies in placing candidates in various domains and industries we operate in.

Industries We Serve

About Recruitment

Since 1995, Gulfaar has been evolving and expanding and emerging as a corporate catering to each and every client by providing the best man power suitable for their positions available. In this short span of period, Gulfaar has carved its position as the ‘World Leader’ in the global consultancy market. Gulfaar uphold a great vision to achieve “Zero Unemployment”, for that we have adopted unique Talent Acquisition methodologies that help us to align professionals with positions that perfectly match their abilities and temperament.

We make every effort to provide the right kind of engagement for every individual in different locations. We operate in, with our mission of “Making Social Entrepreneurs” out of our leaders who are involved in various operations at Gulfaar. Our effort to create leaders or, in other words, social entrepreneurs within our organization takes us a step ahead towards our goal in achieving zero unemployment.

Corporate Overview

Gulfaar Business Corporation head Quartered at UAE, has marked its strong presence in the Middle East and India. Its primary focus and expertise is to provide the right human at the right time in right place by personalized recruitment of professional, semi-skilled and unskilled manpower. The Gulfaar team is a bunch of enthusiastic and experienced professionals with more than 10 years of expertise in the field of recruitment and manpower consultancy.

Our Culture

The basis of our culture is commitment to exceptional service. We understand the fact that recruitment can have more impact on a company’s success and on an individual’s career than any other business decision. We are completely attentive on finding the right recruitment method for a particular organization. We follow a “can do” approach and we are capable of finding a way to add value at every part of the recruitment process.

We practice ‘Kaizen’, the philosophy of ‘continuous improvement’, in everything we do. This has helped us in evolving into a leading business entity, maintaining a strong workforce of more than 100 experienced professionals hailing from diverse locations and cultures.

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Our strength

  1. State of the art Database
  2. Successful track record of more than 2000000 recruitments
  3. Recruitment Tools which includes social media hiring
  4. More than 2000 Satisfied Customers
  5. Expertise in worldwide Recruitment
  6. Highly dedicated, experienced and skilled staff


Our main goal is to transform organizations and in turn touch the lives of the clients we serve, by adding substantial value to the international leadership and executive search industry.

Our Methodology

Human resource is the foundation of any organization, recruiting a human to us is a methodical as well as systematical process where the candidate undergoes a number of procedures and filtration with keen observation. The procedure begins from the detailed analysis of the client’s requirements and desires. The process continues by scrutinizing and filtering our database to get the initial set of candidates registered with us. Keeping in mind the client’s requirement and deadline, we design a detailed plan of action.We have a panel of professionals who, based on certain norms and procedures, interviews the candidates and evaluate their aptitude, attitude as well as technical knowledge and authentication.

The recruitment procedure has its unique style depending on the requirement of the client. Trade tests are conducted if required. The candidate undergoes medical and psychological examinations on further filtering. A detailed survey of the candidate’s background will be done. Before the final rounds we educate the candidates about the field of work by providing professional orientation classes. The right candidates will be taken forward to present the client for the final selection. On each recruitment we make sure that the right human meets the right domain of work.  Passport Documentation Travel Documentation, Immigration Documentation, Host country Documentation, Ticketing and much more is done for the selected candidates in co-ordination with the employer prior to mobilization.

Talent options

  • Executive Assistants
  • Personal Assistants
  • Office Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Coordinators
  • Administrators
  • Research Assistants
  • Officers
  • Team Assistants
  • Team Leaders
  • Receptionists
  • Desktop Publishers
  • WP Specialists
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service Supervisors
  • HR Managers
  • Coordinators
  • Event Coordinators

Work Flow


Detailed analysis of client’s requirements and desires.


Scrutinize & screen our Database to get the initial set of candidates

Plan of Action

Design a detailed plan of action considering the clients requirements & deadline.

Trade Tests

For certain positions, Trade tests are conducted by expert panel of technical staff.

Initial Selection

Interviews the candidates & evaluate their technical knowledge & Authentication.

Fitness Tests

Medical and Psychological examinations of the candidate.


Conducts detailed survey of the candidate’s background.


Conduct orientation classes to the candidate.

Final Selection

Present the right candidates to the client for the final selection.

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